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Dear Student / Parent,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a nice break and are ready to kickstart your training back into gear!


We will be starting virtual classes on Wednesday 6th January. Once we know what is happening with the tiers, only then can I let you know when we will be planning to return back to our normal classes. I am hoping this will be sooner rather than later.


Either way, we will be pushing to improve in all aspects of our Tae Kwon-Do training. In the new timetable (attached), there are Ninja Kidz and Junior/Adult Tae Kwon-Do classes where all grades will be combined. I have also added in a flexibility and fitness class for anyone wishing to improve in those areas.


I will run with this timetable up until Friday 15th January, by then we should know whether we’ll be returning to in person classes. If we remain in tier 4 for longer, I will add in more classes that will be more grade specific.


One exercise that I always like our members to do in the new year is think of 1 BIG goal you’d like to achieve in 2021, and 3 smaller goals you’d like to accomplish this year. Parents, get your kids to write these down somewhere and keep them visible and this will act as a constant reminder.


Change of Payment Method
There will be a change to the payment method I am currently using. We will be changing from Standing Order to Direct Debit using a payment provider called GoCardless. This is going to cut down administration time and will also make it easier for newer members getting set up or current members adjusting their memberships. Some of our newer members have already been set up in this way, so if this applies to you, no need to do anything. Also, if you are paying via our club app, I will cancel this as it is proving to be a little unreliable.


If you pay via cash, I would prefer that this was changed to DD due to COVID, or at least until everything is safe again and settles down.


I would like to have everyone changed over ASAP to avoid any issues. Payments will be set up to be debited on 1st of each month (preferred), but if you’d rather it was the 15th, please let me know and this can be arranged.


Could I request that EVERYONE cancels their standing order only when January fees have been paid. When I receive January fees, I will then send you an email/text message to set up your DD payment details. Please fill this out as soon as you receive my message/email as I’d like to have everyone switched over before 15th January ready to go in February.


Anyone who has made an order mid to late December, these will be with you on our return to classes. If we stay in lockdown for longer, I will deliver or post these orders out to you.


Annual Awards
I will be planning to hand out awards for 2020. I know that not very much happened, but one thing we all did was continue to train and show perseverance and indomitable spirit throughout the year. So, this is good reason to still have our annual awards.

Once again, I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year. Remember to stay strong, motivated and eager to progress and learn.


Many thanks


James Reed




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