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UPDATE - 29th November

Dear Student/Parent,

Please see below all the login details for next week classes and read on for further updates.

Also, could I ask that ALL students wear full dobok if they have one along with their belts as we all need to be in uniform when training no matter the environment/training location.


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Meeting ID: 963 5926

6594 Passcode: 393563



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Meeting ID: 970 6220 2363

Passcode: 846898


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Meeting ID: 947 5801 9244

Passcode: 142066


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Meeting ID: 981 4529 1067

Passcode: 160813


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Meeting ID: 935 1509 6152

Passcode: 679026

The first week went very well, and only 2 weeks to go. I really would love to see the classes being back in the halls before Christmas and New Year, but if not, we'll still finish the year on a high!


I have been told that club suits will be arriving next week at some point. If classes don't go back to our usual venues before Christmas, I will make sure that you all get them before we close for the holidays.

If you've pre-ordered, please go to the online shop via the MyStudio members app and pay the remaining £20 balance before collection or you can pay £20 on collection.

If you still want to purchase a club suit, it's not too late to get one in before Christmas. I ordered at least 2 spares for every size, so once I have sorted all the sizes/quantities that are left in stock, I will make the club suits available to purchase through the club app. There will be limited quantities available, so please be quick once I have sent out the email.


I am undergoing a full rebrand of our Little Ninjas program and will be changing to Ninja Kidz. New suits will be available soon and if you've ordered the white one most recently, I will refund the difference and your child will be one of the first to have the ALL NEW black suit with the cool logo's on it.

It will be available to order after the new year.

Along with the rebrand I am introducing a new progress tracking system to help boost development. At the moment it's very difficult for the kids to see where they are in terms of progress, so with this new system in place it should give the kids a more positive outlook on their training and will be more goal orientated.

If you don't know already, the little ninja classes focus on teaching valuable physical skills such as balance, co-ordination and flexibility, as well as vital non-physical life skills such as confidence, discipline and respect.

It will be a more structured program and prepares your child perfectly for moving up to the junior classes once they turn 7 or have completed the full course.

This will launch in the New Year and there will be more details in the coming weeks.


James Reed



UPDATE - 22nd November


Dear Student/Parent,

Tomorrow we go live with the online classes. Could I ask that everyone books into their respective classes via the club app please. This is so I know what my numbers are going to be like for each class and if I need to make any adjustments to the class plan.

Just select the 'ALL ONLINE CLASSES' category and select the Date and then the time you will be logging into the class. If you are unsure of days/times, just refer to the timtable below.

All booking can be done via the club app. If you still need to download the app, here are the instructions:

1. Download the following app from your phone's app store: MyStudio App
2. Click on 'I'm a new user' where you will be asked to enter your studio code. The code is JRTKD123
3. You will then be asked to create an account for access. You can sign up using your Facebook, Google or Apple profile for quickness, or create a username and password. Whichever is easiest for you.
4. Once you've gained access to the main page within the app, just hit the 3 lines at the top left of your screen where you'll see 'Class Bookings'.

If you didn't receive my email on 20th November, can you check your spam/junk folder and if it's still no there, please send me your email address to 0754 5521 311 and I will update it on my system.

If you did miss the email, please continue to read the info below as it has the timetable and class login details for next week.


James Reed


UPDATE - 20th November



Dear Student/Parent,

Thanks for your patience whilst I was planning everything out for the online classes. I had to plan it in such a way that EVERYONE can be accommodated from little ninjas, to the beginner students right through to black belt.

I have added in a specific fitness class that anyone and everyone can get involved in. There will also be a pad work session included in the timetable. PARENTS, why not give these classes a try and you can work with your kids and have a bit of fun whilst getting a good workout. Also, a cushion or pad will be required if working with a partner.

The timetable allows for you to train at least 4 times per week. So I hope that the days and times I’ve selected for your classes are suitable. If not, please let me know. I understand that some of the classes won’t be on the same day as you would usually train, but I’m hoping you’ll be able to adapt just for the next 3 weeks.

Just a little reminder that we are still planning to have a physical in person grading on Saturday 12th December. Please note that I need to see you training regularly for the next 3 weeks, and if you are ready I will be in touch in the next week or so.

Little Ninjas who I have specifically spoken to about grading, please attend the Beginner - White to Yellow Belt classes at 6pm on Monday and Wednesday if possible. All other Little Ninjas, please attend the 5.30pm class on either Monday or Wednesday.

I’d like to thank everyone again for your continued support during these unprecedented times! We are all in this together and will continue to adapt and change no matter what’s thrown at us. It’s important that we stay mentally and physically fit. If any of you need to reach out for support or guidance, I’m here to help.

You will see all the login details below and the timetable will be attached to this email.

Please ensure that your Zoom ID/Username is the name of the student training to help myself and assistant instructors.

If you need any help setting up Zoom, please don’t hesitate in contacting me.

Many thanks
James Reed

P.S. If you haven’t joined out private Facebook Group, please click on the link below where you can request to join:

Here are the login details for each day of the week:

Meeting ID: 989 9891 6439
Passcode: 711195

Meeting ID: 963 1512 6842
Passcode: 022730

Meeting ID: 946 7499 9625
Passcode: 751312

Meeting ID: 957 7074 7905
Passcode: 441787

Meeting ID: 969 1770 6429
Passcode: 165192